@Most Unprofessional Admission, Part IV

I posted a bunch of images directly from the phone I took them with, after editing them on that same phone, and I didn’t even scale them down, which probably spammed your own phone with an obnoxious number of pixels when you tried to view it and now I’m not even going to fix the problem, just apologize and promise I will try harder next time to be Less So Unprofessional.

Sketchbooking III


I posted a photo of a sketchbook, and that was Step 1.
I then posted some sketches from it, and that was Step 2.
At last I put the book on eBay, and that was Step 3.

This was more-or-less the plan I concocted a wee while ago. I thought I could include a link to this blog in the ad, but eBay does not like links it seems, and so that is that. I could try to trick it but then that would be me just trying to be tricky.

In seven days and change I will ship this book to somewhere new. Exciting, I think!

Maybe it will be a holiday gift for someone who likes sketchy art and making sense of bad handwriting. Maybe it will get used to start campfires when matches run low. I hope whoever receives it derives value from it, whatever its fate.

I chose the sketch above for this post because it is in landscape format, which looks nice above text. It also tells me a story. Eyelines are interesting to plan out and play with.

I’m having another bored / stressed day. My Sketchbook wanted to move things forward anyhow, and so we did. Now I want a donut. [PS the donut was achieved]