Mum’s Day

Today, depending upon where you are, might well be Mother’s Day. I love my mom, and my dad too. I lucked out, big time, with both the parents. I won some sort of lottery before being sent Here. Wherever Here is.

I had always spelled Mom with an o, growing up, while my sister has always spelled it (as far as I can tell) with a u – as in, Mum. Both are of course used, and are likely regional.

My mum also prefers Mum, so I have, in the past couple of years, begun spelling it differently, on occasions when I find myself spelling it; I figure Mum gets to decide whether it’s an o or a u, although she herself would never tell me one way or the other – she and dad have always allowed me to find my own way, in the big ways and the small ones.


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Mum was a nurse before giving that up to do the full-time mum thing. I’m humbled whenever I let this really sink in. She gave up a career and all of the things that come with that to make sure her kids had a nurse at home first, and somebody to call Mom or Mum, as much as they needed to. Many, many Mums and Moms – and Mummys and Mommys and Mamas and Mommas and many other monikered mothers – have done this, and will continue to do this, probably as long as there will be mothers. I can’t really produce words to describe either my appreciation for my own mother’s sacrifice, or my respect to other people’s mothers who did the same.

There are also as many mothers who chose to keep their careers, making other sacrifices that must be just as difficult. No less of my respect goes out to them as well. How so many women navigate that decision is beyond me, but they do, all the time.

Today I am thinking about my Mom and Dad both, and hoping that their decisions, for them, have been good ones. I am the direct beneficiary of their decisions and sacrifices, to this day. I endeavor to become better at expressing that directly to them, as well.

Happy Mothers Day!


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