Compendium: The Greater Society


The Twin Diasporas of the Wealthy and the Working Poor

Crossing nearly all physical walls in those times of warring lands, were the scattered nations of The Wealthy and The Working Poor. Both had means of communicating effectively among their own, from nearly anywhere one could find themselves in the Isles, and neither involved itself much in the physical competition of pushing national boundaries this way or that way, as if locked in a wargame that could never seem to come to a logical, mutually agreeable, or timely conclusion.

One of these diasporas was composed chiefly of people who, while preferring the presence of the walls and towers for a variety of reasons, did not as a rule tend to expose themselves directly to the hazards and labour involved in building and maintaining them.

The other scattered nation consisted mostly of those who had had enough of hard and pointless physical toil in general by that point, and were mostly concerned with the business of working around these barriers in order to move essentials here and there, as essentials were needed everywhere in those days, barriers be dammed, as the expression went.

These twin nations, historically suspicious of one another’s designs, could never truly imagine having any sort of ground in common to begin with, but also no great will to encroach on one another’s in any case, as there was enough ground to go around, if one could only now and then ignore the presence of the Towers and the Walls, which, as they are meant to do, divide ground into un-shareable bits.

The first recorded incident of these Nations meeting on common ground (in the Isles, anyhow) took place in the Root cellar of a small inn and tavern a half-day’s hike from the Elementalist City of Glassworks [date needed -mm]. Incidentally, the tavern burned down approximately one week later [the Westfarian Calendar involved a 9-day week, the fire is reported to have occurred 7 or 8 days later -MM].

This event was the first official meeting of the Greater Society, and was reported to have been attended by “three or four” Mice, a Crow, and Ant, and a Troll. A Human had been scheduled to attend but never made an appearance, until one year later. Interestingly, the man not only did not seem to realize he was exactly one year late for the meeting, but also could not strictly remember having been invited.

That meeting was said to have gone reasonably well nonetheless, though that venue too, nearly one Westfarian week later, mysteriously burned to the ground. A local witch coven claimed responsibility [citation needed -MM], and sanctioned Quests to investigate the matter eventually led to the arrest and later escape of the notorious Sorcerer whose name I can’t currently recall [what did I say about referring to yourself? Don’t do it. -MM]

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