Comfortably Behind the 8-Ball

Hello! I’ve been busy looking for a job, and in any case am uncertain if anybody at the moment might be reading. Well, probably not at *this* moment. Perhaps a family member will read it later. Any audience is a helpful audience, when learning to write consistently. The Eyes on One’s Work…

I am at the moment a bit inconsistent, but I’m trying to address this, among other things.

adult beverage breakfast celebration
Not my Feet, not my Fire, just my Feeling | Photo by Pixabay on

I’ve written a bunch of stuff <<<Back There (or is it Up There ^^^ or Down There vvv?), and I feel the sum total of it is kind of a Set of Things Written. Maybe an eZine issue, once I learn eZine’ing. I’m resting my writing fingers, which is probably a mistake, but they do have other sorts of typing to do.

Anywho, I intend to return to package this up in some form, maybe reconnect it to its GitHub-based origin. There are some more chapters to write, and I would like to try another story about Mooter&Cleep, my fictional Fast Friends from the Future, or possibly Past.


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