It’s either Writer’s Block, or Writer’s Hump. Maybe it’s a profusion of Other Things Needing to be Done, or just Fear, or – even scarier still – the Dreaded Laziness, brought about by not taking one’s dream too, too seriously.

In any event, this blog has been somewhat uneventful, though I continue to draft an increasing number of half-finished things behind the scenes, where maybe only an editor might see what’s been on the mind.

Some good news is that I’m reading a novel again, which in the past few years is a thing I only manage periodically. It is Midnight’s Children, and I’m 100 pages in. I haven’t read anything by Salman Rushdie before, and I’m enjoying it. What more can I say? No spoilers here.


Unrelated to anything, here is my new-ish wallet, bought to replace my old one, which was disintegrating in grand style, and needed to be honorably discharged before it would be forced to spill my bus tickets, donut money, and plastic identity into some random seat, or across a floor or a lawn. Totoro’s got it all covered.

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