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I told myself to Write Something thirty or so minutes ago, and that’s what I’m going to do, and am doing. It is 9:18, 18 minutes past my recently revised bedtime, which lasted one day, and/or night. So I’m going to give myself 12 ish minutes, because some sort of math.

With 11 minutes remaining, here are some roll-ups of things I’d like to write next:

  • I got a stageplay idea recently, which is to say, I imagined an interesting beginning to one, some characters I liked, some stage props that seemed cool to imagine, and maybe a few moments in the rest of the thing, with not much ending or arc. The lack of arcs and endings has plagued my writing style lately, though I’m ready to try to actually outline things. This might be a helpful writing practice.
  • I’m 2 editing passes of 3 through my next Wimsel Loop chapter, which falls in no particular order with the others – I feel as though I like writing scenes, without much thought into stringing them in a particular reading order. This might be a normal process for a lot of people, who knows? Well, the Internet might, but I only have 3-4 minutes left.
  • I would like to write about what I’m doing with this blog thing, and also what I would like to do with it. This involves Github, and some kind of WordPressyness to surface these written things in a different order, and style, to appear more like a periodical. I could write a post about all this stuff, which is I guess just me saying, yeah, that’s another thing I’d like to write about.
  • Principles! I brought them up several posts ago and want to revisit the topic, if only to argue with myself about their value. Or, create a revised list of them. Experiments.
  • I have a couple of friends for whom I’d like to write articles, these feel like things though I might save for when I have more practice and time. But soon.
  • 9:28, I could go on but then I’d just have to end one idea mid-idea, and I’m not sure what that would do to the poor idea.


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