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Stock photo representing the Thing I haven’t written that I should. Also, Life is a Blank Page. Or is it, “each day is a blank page”? Maybe each moment? I dunno. Photo by Dom J on

<!– I left my ad-hoc xml malformed in that last post, and it will remain so until I finish Writing this Something.  None of what I just said is important, it’s just computer geek nonsense. –>

  • I have an idea for a fantasy Role-Playing game, which is both inspired by the story I’m writing, and also an inspiration for the story I’m writing. Additionally, it appears in the story I’m writing. Cross-marketing and such! This is another thing I could be writing – right now – instead of writing this bullet-list eulogy to the Things I Could Have Written With This Same Amount of Time.
  • My resume needs updating, because I need to find stable work and my resume does not do myself – and therefore anybody else – any justice. I have Deep Skills, and Much Wow Experience, but my self-salesmanship is somewhat slightly shoddy.
  • Grant proposals! I have project ideas in search of funding-in-search-of-projects. Mike Clone number 4, please get on those – you will need a week. Ask Mike Clone 8 for help researching available community development grants in our area; he’s doing that full time in some alternate universe where cloning is a thing and it hasn’t gone horribly wrong and I’m therefore actually speaking to a viable Mike Clone and not just pretending to.
  • The outline for my book, it needs the writing! Maybe I mentioned that already.
  • Mooter & Cleep II : I started it somewhere, I think. I believe if I post the second story, I will be, by my own definition, starting Volume II of the Wimsel Loop…. thing. None of that is adequately explained for the Reader, which is itself a thing I better try to write better.
  • Moar stories.
  • The etc.,


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2 thoughts on “Continue to: Write Something

  1. If the way you write is the way you think, then I like the way you think. Either way it doesn’t really matter because I like the way you write. Right? 🙂

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