Naming Convention

Wherein I refer to myself,  far-too-many times…

Turning 48 this week, I decided to think about my label – the familial address where I first landed, in nineteen-seventy-naught.

Quick Draw McGraw was a Hanna Barbara cartoon horse sheriff with a slightly racist(?) sidekick, and a red cowboy hat… and I think a saddle, which he wore on his back, like armor, or irony. That bit about the saddle is probably true [but it wasn’t].

Quick Draw McGraw, Copyright Hanna Barbara

Quick Draw had a six-gun. He had a goofy voice, and he was anthropomorphic and happy-go-lucky-looking. He had adventures and whatnot, and all of those things.

I was not a connoisseur of Hanna Barbara’s stuff, but one of their characters had my last name, and that was pretty nifty. I saw some parts of some episodes. I don’t remember them now, but I imagine they were awesome, and I’ll take my own word on that.

I don’t believe that I once ever yelled out, at the commence of any childhood game, “I want to be Quick Draw McGraw! The Sheriff! I have a six-gun! We could be related!”, but had I ever been offered the role, I might not have turned it down.

I was not into cowboy horse-play though, I was into Star Wars. Star Wars of course, is cowboys in space, with wizards and puppets and a laser-gun princess. It was just simply better, and also in colour (and also in space). Factoid: I always wanted to be a storm trooper, because they get to fall down a lot in anonymous and dramatic style, and then just get up and do it again, in exciting new ways.

I liked that Quick-Draw was kind of a weird, second-cousin-from-a-different-oven / cartoon spirit animal. I felt I had the Law on my side, somewhere out there… and that it wasn’t ever likely to shoot me. You could say I was sheltered, and likely still am.

When friends saw me drawing things, which I often did quickly in degrees of carelessness, they would sometimes and cleverly say Quick Draw McGraw! This was at least always tepidly funny, and so I did not much mind.

I think this name connection might have informed how I chose to continue to draw: quickly, and messily, and a lot from the hip – misfires and all – and I find that an interesting thought to keep thinking about. The potential power of words, names, and their associations.

This is also, as it happens, how I like to write – all stream-of-consciousness-y, and then with several editing sweeps (the darkened and erasing lines). This is fun and challenging, and yields so many more of those unfinished things. This is all stuff for building upon.

I am still baking the bricks, working the words, and mixing the metaphors.

So here are some more of each of those things.




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10 thoughts on “Naming Convention

      1. I know, even though there’s nothing real food about them! 😂 Raisin Bran with that happy sun on the box ☀️ or special k with strawberries now a days. My dad took me to see the first Star Wars in the theatre. November 4 for mine, thank you Mike 😊

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      2. Despite the steel sieve, i will endeavour to remember. This shpuld not in theory be difficult, as that is in, what, two weeks! I hope yours is full of happiness and breakfast cereal 🙂

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