Foot Stomp.

I’m having a bummer weekend and have been trying to pretend that I’m not. Doing that is frequently expensive.

[I then proceeded to list various things that I felt where at fault, and causing my weekend to be a bummer. In each case, I had to concede the bullet point was not as bad as I was making it out to be. This created a list that was taking up space but saying very little; like I couldn’t even get complaining right. Who would want to read that (or this?)? So I removed the list of complaints. You’re welcome.]

My Published Things still somewhat outnumber my Drafted Things:


I don’t know what these stats might say about my productivity – possibly nothing. For the reader’s amusement(?), here is the full list of draft titles:

Foot Stomp. [A draft at the time of this writing, but now no longer drafty]
Compendium: Greater Society II
Other Somethings
Game Knights @ Uncle Norm’s
The Neverpresently infamous TippingJar
Hand me that Ratchey-RiggamaJigger
All in Bees’ Good Time
Character Study: Branchlii Booknard

Open Ideating
A Considerable Audience
I/O Ewes
EllisBeth Shore and the Low Slowly Drake
The very first user story
The Short Step
The Trust Pokes Just Right Through You
Job Journal I
The Young TwentySomethings
“We need a little more Han Solo”
You Mean to Have It Then, Won’t You?
The Elder Fellers
Open Source Ideas
Principle III (a less-inspired post)
Roles of youth in Peace-building [Guest Author: Deng William Alaak]
What do I know about South Sudan?
The Future of Everything
Give the Gods a littleMore Hope.!
On the Accumulation of Positive Privilege
Straight-Forward Sketch Fiction : Part Ia

An idea this just made me have: I will finish the next Draft according to reader vote, or, in the absence of a vote count, random die roll. One vote of a pool of one vote is 100% of the votes, according to Math (and Math is no common liar), so go for it, Dear Reader! Control my actions like a Puppet Writer. Is taken yet? It is not.

When I get Writer’s Block, I write sideways. >>>

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11 thoughts on “Foot Stomp.

  1. I’m sorry for the bummerness. I’ve had a bit of that myself. But, You have made me smile. For that I’m most grateful! You are very good at titles. I have a terrible time with them. 🙃 So all your stories sounds intriguing. I think I shall vote for “Hand me that Ratchety-Riggamajigger”. I hope I got that spelled properly.

    Some tiny little insect has hatched out here at the lake and it’s quite magical to watch. You never did say which day last week was your bday. Whichever it was I do hope it was splendiferous!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Suzanne 🙂 I’m return-sorry for the bummerness you have been feeling as well. Bummerness happens. I do like titles – it makes sense in a way, since I prefer starting things to finishing things, the very start of things, like titles and vague concepts, would naturally be one of my favourite things ever. Just think! Behind at least half of those draft titles is nothing but airy potential. I am slightly nervous now to open the Ratchety draft and find nothing whatsoever written. This though will force my brain to finish it. I will leave the vote open for an entire one other day.

      My birthday was the 22nd – it started stressfully, moved through a couple of stages of self-reflection, and ended well enough. 48 can be divided into a number of other whole numbers (I’m more of a prime number fan), so perhaps that is why I felt so fractured.

      Yours is the 4th! I think! I’ll keep remembering.

      I hope the baby insect is living / lived a good life. How many have their births witnessed and reported on? That must mean something. (: <<< attempting to guess how to upside-down smile

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you Mike. 🙂 Indeed it does. I know what you mean about titles! So much possibility, just a few words that could go absolutely anywhere! Well, I admit all your titles had my thoughts wandering so however the vote goes I’ll enjoy the story. When I write I simply ramble on and on and then have to figure out how it all works together. So, a few of my drafts are just titles but not nearly as good as yours. Then a few are paragraphs of nonsense. 🙃

        I have a tendency to become melancholy around my birthday so I get that. You have all even numbers this year! I will wish you a Happy New Year! A birthday is like your own personal New Years, letting go of some things and moving forward in ways that only you know are right.

        Yes, the 4th, 😊 sneaking up on me all the time.

        I hope so too. I thought about writing something for them. We’ll see if it comes round. They were awfully nice to see.

        Liked by 1 person

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