Securing a Place Among the Collaboratively Insecure

I am on a bus, thumb typing again.

I have joined a thing called the Insecure Writers Support Group (#IWSG)!

Having filled in the forms, proven my Humanity, and pasted the HTML as requested, I believe I might now Belong.

I am certainly feeling that Something has ocurred. I have manifested a change in the bits and the bytes. There is a tremor in the Force (not the tertible kind though).

The group’s January question is this:

What are your favorite and least favorite questions people ask you about your writing?

I am not asked much about my writing. In fact, I can’t remember any particular question about it. The above question therefore qualifies as both my least favourite (I have no good answer) and also my most favourite (I now magically have some kind of answer) question about my writing.

Mostly, I would like to say thank you to Insecure Writers and their groups, everywhere. Please continue being Writers, and please gradually strive to become less Insecure, in order to A) become Confident/Successful Writers, and B) make room in these groups for the upcoming cohorts of Still-Insecure Writers in need of empty spots in these groups, so that they too might one day belong, in order to become Less Insecure.

I think that’s how it works.

Also, I still kind of want cheese. Maybe it’s a bus thing.


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16 thoughts on “Securing a Place Among the Collaboratively Insecure

  1. Hi, Mike! Welcome to the IWSG! I enjoyed your post and your encouragement to all of us insecure writers everywhere. I haven’t tried writing on a bus, but I did try to write a post and publish it on a train in England. The sad and frustrating result was being locked out of my Google account for days while traveling. So kudos to you for thumb typing successfully on a bus. I really like your unique voice! Happy writing in 2019!

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    • Thank you Louise, and hello back! I appreciate your note 🙂

      Thumb typing is certainly a challenge. It does help me keep on topic (somewhat).

      I hope you have great writing success this year as well!!


  2. Sounds like a good group. It’s funny how you never think about some things until someone asks you. But since you haven’t thought about them, you don’t really have an answer. So you need time to think before you can give a proper answer. But once you’ve finally got one, the original asker is nowhere in sight and has probably forgotten they even asked you in the first place…or at least that’s what happens to me 🙃. Now that I consider it, that might be why I write…to answer all those questions that people forgot they asked me.

    Hope you got some cheese. 😊

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      • To be honest, rather like you, I don’t get many questions about my writing. My top two favorites though have to be –

        Have you ever thought of writing a children’s book
        Have you ever considered making any of your poems into a song

        Those are kind and encouraging questions that make me 😊 and want to keep writing.

        Enjoy your day…with or without cheese 🧀

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  3. Mike — I’m new like you, though probably older. This is my first IWSG go round and I must say it has been enjoyable to learn how many individualistic individuals have been seduced by the storytelling bug. It’s good to see that Insecurity can be so pleasant.

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