Taking Exceptions


Patently untrue, WordPress editor! I have written a solid several-dozen things now, and I take grand exception to your bold and cruel assertion that I have yet to write anything at all. How dare you, Sir or Madam! I have never.

Sometimes the editor is my valued friend-tool, and other times it mocks me, programmatically, as only software can. I begun writing a Something, gave it a title, realized I had nothing yet to say under that title, and backed right up, willing to write before I titled, so that the title might follow the writing.

To my computer, which is dedicated entirely to letting me know the State of Many Things at Any Given Moment, this meant I needed help grasping that I had yet to write anything. This is a condition that (again, to a computer) can be solved by typing a letter in some text field. Voila! The state of being Unwritten becomes Overwritten by the state of being Partially Written, just like that. Even a tilde (~) will fix the problem, much like magic.

What must the world look like to a machine, that thinks along parameters bequeathed to it by Humans alone, who perhaps laid down their logic near the end of a busy week, or perhaps over a lunch-hour sprint, or in the middle of a Wednesday, after an argument over cat litter with their housemate, that left them with a dull ache in their heart, and on Hump-Day, at that? Our machines inherit our challenges and misgivings, in addition to our greater efforts and inspirations.

Personally, I would not wish to remind another writer that they have yet to write anything. It seems patently obvious to the mind that has yet to decide upon the article’s content – much less its title – that it hasn’t moved yet. Hence, the complete lack of words. Having the editor itself remind the writer that they haven’t written anything seems a bit cruel.

Anyhow, the observation led to some writing, albeit completely self-referential writing, which I suspect is a breach of writing etiquette and / or protocol or something. It’s not the first time I’ve done it of course, and doubtless not the last.

This is all practice.





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