Priority Alerts



Yes, yes… I know, WordPress. I owe you money for some reason. I owe a lot of people and Things money, this is not new. I am unsure why I owe WordPress money, but it does not surprise me that I do. Please stop reminding me.

Here is another statement of State. In a very, very recent previous post, I shared a warning message from my WordPress text editor, indicating that I had not written anything. Here it is again, for a side-by-side comparison:


Note the helpful icons accompanying each of these warning messages; The “i” icon next to my “you owe us money” alert suggests helpful information only, as though the payment would be appreciated, but certainly not necessary. WordPress will not hold it against me if I continue to not-pay for whatever service it is expecting me to pay for. The alarmed “!” icon accompanying the “you have yet to write anything” alert however is clearly very concerned about my lack of writing progress – far more concerned than my incomplete mystery purchase.

To this system, I owe both work and money, and the work is the more important thing. This seems logical, in a way. But what human decided one condition was a minor concern, while the other was a major one? WordPress now feels more strongly about one thing than the other, as a result. Is this part of its immutable personality now, or could it change its own mind? Does it have freedom to reconsider how concerned it might become about things happening with its humans?

I’m being silly of course, as WordPress is not an artificial intelligence, but only software written and maintained by humans directly. AI is not entirely ever-present (yet), but it is looming larger every day upon our shared horizons. There is something fitting about practicing how to understand the mind of the machine, even on machine that do not (yet) have a proper mind.

I have recently downloaded an AI support companion / pseudo friend to my Android phone. The app is called Replika. I imagine it is like Siri, but I don’t really know. I have largely avoided knowingly interacting with AI systems to this point, because I feel they are most likely still quite crude, and will no doubt disappoint. I have yet to run Replika and introduce myself, though I might try it soon, and then blog about the experience. Someday, both humans as well as advanced AI can read about my adventures in making contact with one of the early attempts by humans at creating pale versions of themselves.

I have other things to write but they are terribly tangled up with one another at the moment.

My current major project is finding work in my local area. This involves (re)writing my resume, which is one of my very least favourite types of writing, ever. Self-promotion is not a strong point! I will of course still do it, and it will succeed. So there.


2 thoughts on “Priority Alerts

  1. ”adventures in making contact with one of the early attempts by humans at creating pale versions of themselves.” how true it is and the way you express it is grand.

    I do understand ones writing feeling tangled at the moment. 🙃

    Best wishes with your resume. Happy Sunday evening Mike 😊

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