Senior’s Moment

This morning I got my medium tea at no extra charge, unexpectedly. When I brought the matter to the cashier’s attention, she informed me that seniors get their tea for free when purchasing another item. My second item was a small and very delicious vanilla frosty (a kind of edible petroleum product I hope most food tastes like in our Bold Future).

I did not tell her that I was not a senior, as she did not ask. I’m used to being asked. “Senior?” – they will ask evenly, not to presume anything of me either way. I have always to this point resisted the obvious and understandable urge to take advantage of my advanced-looking years; I have never taken the bait, the discount.

But to not even ask? Well. That is another kind of story altogether.

Thank you for the tea, Wendy.

-Old Man Mike

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