Walking in This Way

So I promised God last night that I would write something and share it on WordPress. You know, how one does.

God and I have this relationship; She or He first or afterward created Me, to go on imagining what we’re both Here to be. There are imaginary words exchanged, plans formed, and promises made. God wants me to write and draw because I want to write and draw.

What does your God know about what you wish to do and to be?

– – – // – – –

I’ve got some notebooks on the go. Here’s a page from one.


What I’m imagining I might do is colour that sketch, and change the words around.

My Second Half-Cousin

Plucky Penny Veraline

Plays Lute in a Band

Along Ivy & Vine

It’s a big band of One

(and so very much fun!)

They play from four-forty-two

Till right when she’s done

The colours I chose are what they are, and the words will fall where they may. Nothing’s ever quite done.

The hashtag on the page following is either #LiveAsItCanBe, or #LiveAsThisCanBe. What I meant by this or that is no longer clear, but it seemed somewhat important at the time. I don’t know hashtags. #BornOfThe70s

– – – // – – –

I am currently reading a book about Heresy. This is timely because I am in a ruffle about how to be Good, and the more I read about it the further I get from knowing whether I am it or not.

Not that I believe I am a heretic, only that it is one more piece in the puzzle that is what we tell ourselves and each other about the nature of being human in relation to what we think we know about God and Things. All pieces count toward the whole. I don’t know what I’m on about either.

– – – // – – –

Autumn is my favourite time of year, and now that we’re Here, I feel like writing and drawing and sharing again; the harvest of what’s been sown, into sketchbooks where my thoughts and dreams and rambling streams have been thoughtfully thoughtlessly thrown.





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