Plans and Changes and Things

I was once asked by somebody who was trying their best to support me whether my writing project was a blog or a book; I had told them it was both, or something.

It turns out it started as a book and is now clearly a blog. The blog is about not getting around to writing your book, though – so it’s a blog about a book that isn’t a book yet, but at least has become a blog.

Like a lot of people, I have too many things to say and I don’t know which ones are relevant to the reader and which are more for me. Blog, not book.

It occurs to me there might never, in fact, be a book, and maybe the book was a ruse to get me to start writing a blog.

Now I’m writing about writing again. This happens in the book too – I hear that is a newbie mistake. Since I am one, this seems about right.


I often write and sketch in the dark, sometimes while having a second beer. Sometimes my handwriting is just my handwriting- I keep sketchbooks because they let my ideas register somewhere for later use. Looking back through time at them (days or months), I’m removed a bit from their first meanings to me, but can answer back like a second person. I’m in a slow, slow editing phase of whatever I was trying to do when I bought the sketchbooks in the first place.

Here you can see that I am practicing the dubious art of run-on sentences, putting TODO and TOREAD lists where they should never be put, and discussing with myself the idea of Sam Harris.

Nothing to see here, carry on…

– – – // – – –

The Weird Baby

I will randomly turn to a page in one or more sketchbooks – often a page I will not return to again for some time – and draw a weird baby (like the one above). The idea is, future Mike will forget about the weird baby until he turns to the page one day to sketch or write something, sees the weird baby, and then says, “Oh, right – weird baby. Good one, Mike”.

Why I chose weird babies I really can’t say. Most probably I was in the moment justifying drawing one, and it became instant tradition.

– – – // – – –

Open Source

I am keen on creating open-source art; that’s been a theme from the beginning when I first put some writing on a public repo somewhere, and then possibly forgot where that was. I used to label my earlier WP posts with an open-source disclaimer (youclaimer?), but I stopped doing it for no good reason. Creative Commons Sharealike license is what I still consider all of this to be covered (not covered?) by.

The idea is to post my sketchbooks, page by page, and develop some of it into something more. It’s practice! It’s art (kind of)! It’s a gift, and a hobby.

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