The Impotence of Being Sorry

Some days I feel I owe everybody an apology. And I mean everybody.

This seems to be an irrational thought (and more than a little Canadian)… and yet it’s also technically true.

I’m not doing my best, yet. The world still burns and sinks and sorrows, and only a narcissist would think they could save it just by being a better person.

… and still, we all know we could save it, if we all (or most of us, or even just the right some of us) did just that.

Being Human is about being grateful, awe-struck, ashamed, frightened, hopeful, and maybe everything else, sometimes all at once. There are challenges. Mine pale in comparison to a great many others, borne by others.

Wallowing in Guilt (like a heavy a scratchy quilt, and not the nice kind) keeps you out of the Game though – you know the one I mean. This thing can be taken too far; recognizing you aren’t perfect yet (hahahahahaha) is quite different from feeling yourself a total failure. One is good news (hey, we have a project!), while the other is a living death sentence.

~ ~ ~ // ~ ~ ~

Get used to this- I got sketchbooks, piles and piles of half-finished thoughts, and a cheap-ass scanner with nothing else to do.

Your content could be here! How? I don’t know yet. Gimme a minute.

Ever start a project and know that it’s started but then also not know what it is about or where it’s headed or when it will be done or who will want to enjoy it, or why you’re doing it in the first place?

If you’ve been following along, you might know this is all open source (for all it’s worth). There’s some legal stuff (sort of) implied in that linked license, but the essence is this:

  • Here is some stuff I made. From whence it came I may not ever know.
  • You are free to enjoy it or not as you see fit (or don’t).
  • Please – take this stuff and use it elsewhere. I mean, if it fits. If you do, tell them you got some material from Mike. You don’t have to specify which one- there are far too many of us to count anyway.
  • When you send this new stuff (some of Mike’s mixed in with some of Yours) out into the wide world, put this same offer on it. Spin it a bit differently if you must, but let the world know that no idea is meant to be owned – most certainly not in these trying times – but they are meant to fly free, find their chosen homes, and flourish like the flowers and weeds (who get a bad rap, I believe) that might someday help solve the things we’ve confounded together.

I am sorry (see that word again?) that all I have to give you right now are random thoughts from a backyard shed, and some rushed words before I dive into the bread&butter once more. I wish I had gold to give you – the best gold though, not the base metal over which wars are fought and souls are lost – Metaphorical gold; that which you most need at this very moment.

For now, have these wandering words and well-wishes.

May you be safe in the storms to come, and see yourself through on the other side, where the sun and moon await.



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