Bad handwriting is a kind of encryption

I hope Dorian missed you and yours. Nature is a force of nature.

The various bits mentioned above were / are an idea I had for how to format a periodical, made out of the things I wrote and will write, and things others might also write, or have written – or are even writing now.

We catch me in the midst of imaging collaborating, in other words, on something that has some sort of form to it.

In the sidebar, an attempt to argue the merits of having a .io domain rather than a .com one.

~ ~ ~ / / ~ ~ ~

I maybe should have begun scanning the more recent sketchbook rather than the earlier one – there certainly seems to be a lot of empty space and unresolved somethings in this thing, doesn’t there? I wonder if the story will get more interesting. What kind of plot twists are in store? Will there be more missing bookmarks, weird little babies, or even more unintelligible gibberish? Maybe we’ll find a grocery list. Maybe a [redacted] password or two?

The possibilities are, while not without end, certainly somewhat numerous enough.


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