“Well. there’s pride and then there’s potential, Perfect Pete.”

“Well, there’s pride and then there’s potential” Perfect Pete

Who knows what was meant back when the meaning was first meaned, and how much of it might matter now?

As apparently fond as I am with the nonlinear doing of things, I must concede this is no good way to write a book, or much of anything else- scattered like leaves within leaves, in an order unknown, and with attributions [most often in omission][most oftenly omitted].

Again may I ask, whose words are these?

~ ~ ~ / / ~ ~ ~

And meanwhile, [Bold Pedarkin the Brave] or was it [Brave Pedarken the Bold], Apprentice Improbablist ventures further into the depths of some Grand Dungeon of Yore (where the dungeons are the Grandest, I’m told), seeking fearsome and forceful foes to put in their places plainly, as only true heroes can.

What [McGuffin][MacGuffin] has lured him there? Who will write his story, and all of those of every other one?


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