Still not there

I think I’m having a conversation with myself up there

On this page, I find concrete (and by that I mean paper) evidence that I do carry on conversations with myself in public. I don’t expect the reader to be able to crack the code of my handwriting, but I will summarize: Developer Mike (DM) and Client Mike (CM) are having a conversation about some project CM needs DM to do. DM is assuring CM that he hears CM’s needs and understands the timelines.

Unfortunately for us all, PMM (Project Manager Mike) wasn’t invited to the meeting, or could not otherwise make it there in time; there is no indication of the date of the meeting, or the name of the project, much less the details themselves. I have no idea what they are both on about.


If you had the chance to play an interactive book, would you say:
A) Sure thing!
B) Never!
C) What?

~ this blog is Open Source, for all that it’s worth ~

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