Too-too much, so and so

I have possibly a thousand things I could write right now; when I started writing a couple of years ago I’m not sure I knew what kind of spigot I was turning.

Still, finding the right time and place and mindset is hard. Work awaits, family calls, sleep beckons, and life in general interferes with that perfect image of writing the cozy piece in a cozy corner of the world, with nothing but time before and behind, and that ever-elusive peace of mind.

The Other Half of my writing awaits – the reading. The listening. The observing and the receiving. This domain as well brims with directions and channels and topics and priorities.

It feels often as though, as one Human, I inherit the possibilities of twenty Humans. Life’s an adventure game, and we are not always allowed to turn back the pages, nor can we tell how many pages lie ahead (thankfully, I believe).

When I stop talking, I am usually busy trying to hear.

Happy October! My favourite month by far and always.


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