Snow Day

Anybody else curious about what the white papers we’ve been paging toward are even about?

If you feel forever a long desire
to shine as brightly as those
nearby neighbouring stars
you can never cast out
your very own light –
never fully shine
a brilliance all
of your own

I find writing poems hard but that’s practice too. I like to shape them visually because that’s what sketch artists do.

This one above is about comparing oneself to the others. It’s a thing that happens a lot on the Internet of Things, as it’s so easy to do. A trap for the ego and the self-doubt both. I don’t think it’s about lumens, but shades and spectrums, and oscillating patterns. We all have a signature that is so much more than volume, perfection, followings, or sheer force of will. Reside in that, and maybe your unique message will hit its own Send button.

I was excited to find some drawings on this page – I wrote a while ago a short an unfinished story about two characters discussing privilege, responsibility, expediency… Things. I wrote it as a kind of response to a kind comment from a fellow Pressling. I loved the characters, especially Doris, who to me seemed like a hero – talking little, listening much more, and succinct in action and thought. I started to imagine the adventures they’d have – the elder in his dusty profession, the youth in her conviction to move things onward – both still growing minds, engaged in a world in need of change.

Doris got herself some travelling gear here – after all, the roads and wilds of the Westfarian Isles (a fictional place, I am fairly certain) are hazardous. One needs good boots, and a sturdy blade. Allanwarde (now Added to Dictionary) got himself a few faces, from which to choose which he might then use.

Despite my love of sketching and writing both, I have a curious desire to leave my own characters to the imagination of the readers, of which I am one. Doris could be anyone, Allanwarde most certainly is too. Here are some ideas about both of them, from me to you.

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