I started writing a story a while ago.

I prematurely decided to name the story, The Wimsel Loop.

I have no idea where that title came from, but from wherever that was, it had popped into my head, nonetheless.

And so. I began to write in the direction of that title – wondering whatever did I mean by a Loop, and whatever had I meant by a Wimsel?

I tried some things here, and I tried some things there. Scenes and chapters grew into being, and the characters – oh, so many characters! A classic new author’s faux-pas!

They all had things they wanted to say.

Would I say those things for them, please?

I got wonderfully entangled, as you might expect.

I tried sharing what I had of it on GitHub, and then on to Facebook, and then I tried a Patreon Thing for a while… and then I came to WordPress at long-ish last.

I don’t want to move on from WordPress, really; I like WordPress. I now have 50-ish followers. Imagine that! I find this incredible and unlikely. I am hoping to someday have 77, or maybe even more.

Being on WordPress has made me want to write about this whole thing – this idea that I might someday be an author of a strange little book, all my very own – but not my own, alone.

And before I knew it, I was blogging! Blogging about what I believed I felt, and blogging about what I thought I knew, and maybe even blogging about what I had eaten that very morning.

I was blogging about Everything But The Wimsel Loop!

But that’s how things go – they start over There and then they go Someplace Else Entirely, and now Here we are – you and I and the Others.

This Blog rebrands and renames itself now and then, too – because, well, wouldn’t you? I sometimes even update the Abouts.

And I’m still learning.

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