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The notion of the Artist-type, Part I

I will admit it, I can call everyone else an artist, but not myself. This is an important observation. The conclusion makes no sense. I love the word artist. I think it is a fitting an appropriate word for anyone who is doing what they truly love, in the hopes others might enjoy it. The form can be visual, mechanical, musical, athletic, and many other things. Everyone can be, and often times is, an artist, at one point in their lives or many.

Why can’t I be, in my own estimation? It’s hubris! Or, a fear of hubris! Are they the same thing? Probably.

So, I must be an artist, or else I must stop thinking of everyone as an artist, waiting to do their best creating in the service of others.

This naturally leads me to want to classify the artist, using a role-playing game metaphor, because I am a gamer nerd.

In Part II, I will attempt to create an Artist class, for a game I haven’t invented quite yet…

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