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Story Starters

Hmm not sure what’s going on here

Sometimes – by that I mean most often – when I decide to sketch something, I have no clue what I’m going to draw. This is almost always how I prefer it, since when I’m done I can try telling stories about whatever it is I just drew, which is fun.

Sometimes I do start with a story and then try drawing the story. Even then, the drawing comes out imperfectly, and further informs the story in its own way – how could it not? Pictures speak a thousand words, so when you decide to take one, or make one, it’s going to speak to you, even if its lines are all squiggly and its background is unclear and its subjects might not know what they’re doing there.

There are the moments before that picture, and the moments to follow – that’s the cool trick of capturing a single frame of time this way- my mind needs to animate it, since we live and grow up in an animated world. We are ourselves animated, and I believe we are animators too, in our minds, and in our motions.

Images of buildings beg questions of who built them, and who lives in them now. Images of cats and mice beg questions about predation or friendship – open mouths speak words we can’t hear, but can readily imagine; are they kind, informative, inane, relevant or off-topic?

Anyway, more of the same – a jpeg and some text, it’s what I have today to give away.