We Are the XR

< the wingey bit >

Oh boy, do I ever grow tired of my own wordy words.

This is just the age of journaling in public, Mike… don’t think anything of it, everybody here is just journaling in public… you will not be judged in any way that really matters, any more or less than any given other

< the dreamy bit >

The Internet evolved from some things and where it’s going I can’t rightly say – if we lose our Great Grid, it might even Go Away – but I believe if it follows its present and curving course, we’ll all be in each other’s heads in a matter of mere months or moments – in this, the Grand Scheme of Things.

I give away my words and pictures in order, I suppose, to become one with the Better Borg that is us, in this age. I want my ideas to be yours, and more-or-less immediately, please.

I want them to flow out and find their better course, like fresh water in need of a powerful thirst – or to be drowned down and into the ground by ideas and content with greater guts – and all for the better, and not for the worst.

I want the fast and the curious evolution, in the face of what we now must face: ourselves at the impasse, attempting to pass – to win, or even just place.

If I could VR-helmet my way to understanding you the more, I would – I would for very sure.

I would pay a dollar – or else even more – for the right to responsibly walk through that once-shuttered door.

What would I then might-differently do, to know but a sliver of what you know yourself too?

Would I trade my remains and my dreams for yours, if only in part – to see for myself what attends to your heart?

To even-out something of what our brains have both borne; to help somewhat mend what was once all-about torn?

I would; I would for you; and I would for her and him, even too – to see what things our better Mind and our Heart might then duly do.

< the legally bit >

tiny tired typing @ the dawn of day

To me this morning and somewhat too early though never too late was given then shaped something thusly and such:


Come to believing

Unfaltered receiving

A hope goes misplaced

While forgoing the grace

Unpause in this yearning

Our listen-and-learning

Your plans into pieces

They fall into place


I am here, to be clear, speaking solely to myself (though of course in public, for open sharing reasons; see recent and more distant elsewheres), having struggled a lot lately with finding and fixing upon hope, like a compass, to get me through my todays and then on to better tomorrows. If it all sounds ever a bit preachy then I think that has something more to do with word association and less to do with intention.

(That last bit i think is the sound of a Canadian pulling up from an almost-apology at the last minute – or else a highly obfuscated apology; see other recent elsewheres for an unsatisfying account of this phenomenon)

I have been attending lately to spiritual teachings that resonate with me personally at this time and place, though those books are, I am led to believe, meant as a means and not as an end – the end as always is finding how best to live in harmony with the rest of life on planet Earth (and maybe someday soon, some places beyond, where we may be bound to go, and of course of those things I can’t rightly know). There are I think many means to that same end, just as we have many languaged words to mean the same things.

May you find your own kind compass in your own early dawn, and I hope to travel with and meet you, along the way and in the end.