Winning a Thing

Hello! I am pleased to receive the Sunshine Blogger Award from Brothers’ Campfire:

Thank you Brothers’ Campfire for the nomination! I am not typically a fan of chain-things, but in appreciation for your thoughtfulness (and the lack of curses of bad luck attached to this award for not passing it along), I will do this one chain-thing, just this one time.

But I’m changing the rules; this stem of the Sunshine Blogger Award has ended in a petal of a different medal. Through the tritely trendy terms of tactfully tactical truncation – in other fewer words, in the interest of time (but too late) – I am changing some properties, namely thus:

numberOfRenominationsRequired = 0; // changed from 11
numberOfAnswersRequired = 0; // changed from 11

What is the name of this branch of the SBA? I shall call it the…
[Icon patently pending]


  • Be kind.
  • If you see the *Candlelight_Wordsmithy_Achievement* [you just have], and have agreed to its RULES thus far [you’re almost 1/4 through them], then you have already achieved the Award [in which case, congratulations!].
  • You can:
    A) accept gracefully (no other action required),
    B) play along (see Gameplay),
    C) pass (see something else)
  • Gameplay:
    1) Put the *Candlelight_Wordsmithy_Achievement* on whatever you want.
    It should be visible, but that is optional.
    2) Attach the RULES, or link to them.
    Also optional.
    3) Fix my typos as needed. Edit for clarity. Add a cool Icon if you have one.
    Yes, optional. All Gameplay is optional.
    4) Write something about kindness, hope, and/or light, somewhere.

If you have just achieved the *CWA*, congratulations [again]! I invite you to answer the following questions in the comments, and/or on your blog or elsewhere:

  • Who or what do you know who is a pointer toward kindness or light in life?
  • What do you hope humankind will get better at in the next ten years?
  • What do you think your role might be in helping achieve that?

To maintain some genetic material from this branch’s root intention, I will answer 3 of the 11 questions attached to the previous Sunshine Blogger Award:

What inspired you to start a blog?
I have blogged before, but coming to WordPress was brought about by my wanting to write a book, which I imagined I might call The Wimsel Loop (someday). I’ve written some scenes, they’re out of order, many are posted on this blog, others are elsewhere. There’s too many characters to count at times but someday I might make more sense of where the stories can be untangled from one another. It is a fantasy story about people and how they relate. It has hope and humour (I hope). Once I began writing here, I found it often more interesting to just write about whatever – and so that’s where I am now. I enjoy reading the writing of others. Everybody becomes a teacher.

It’s The Sunshine Blogger Award so how do you spread rays of sunshine on your blog?
That’s a great question, and an even better reminder. We’re either here to harm or heal or else somewhere along the neither – it’s hard to do one when also doing the other. Spreading sunshine to me does not mean spreading fake news about the reality of Hope: it’s about looking for some light in the darkness, so we can better see one another, and cast off shades and shadows from pasts and precariously possible futures. Sunshine is why we are even here: any pursuit we might imagine worthy of our energies owes its possibility to light and warmth first and foremost – the Root Cause. I try each day (through prayer and action in my case) to keep the light always in view, and to pass this onward. This means at times coming across a bit saccharine perhaps, but that’s not light’s fault, only mine, for not yet having just the right words to describe what I still see in the world: its potential to be far greater than we often mean to imagine. Hope must stem from many somewheres, otherwise there can be none for all.

What has influenced your blog most?
I thought it would be a feedback loop between my fictional characters and my few and very real beta readers, but I’m happy to report my pride has (somewhat) stepped more-lightly aside, so that the shades of light from those many other writers can better inform my own. They are all teachers to me – I don’t know what I don’t know until I know that I don’t know it. They have all helped me know something more of what I don’t know; and that carries all the new questions forward. I am here to question and to answer. Words are too powerful to use for abuse. They can be used to carry light from one to another, like a candle’s flame. The smallest dark falls into the regular shadows of the day, and becomes obliterate. The smallest flame in the dark stands out so very bright and stark. Follow what light that you can see. I follow the light in each of the others – my sisters and brothers.


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